Do you outsource?

No, we are located in Los Angeles, CA and our team works at our office.

Will I have someone to call or email directly?

Yes, we will assisgn one of our bookkeepers to work with you.

What types on companies do you work with?

We work will all types! Our clients are in the retail, e-commerce, service, legal, automotive,real estate, psychology, PR and recovery center industries to name a few!

Are there any contracts?

Nope you can cancel at anytime.

Do I need to have Quickbooks or XERO to get started?

Nope, we can setup an account for you and bill you back at our wholesale prices, which range from $35-$49/mo.

How do you get my banking info?

You can sync your accounts directly in QBO or XERO and we wont see any password info as that is encrypted. Or you can upload bank statements to our secure client portal.

How long does it take to get my bookkeeping done?

We reconcile all accounts monthly, and you will have your financials by the 10th generally speaking.

Can I schedule a call to get more info?

Yes here is a link to schedule your call

Is your team licensed?

Our CEO & Founder is a Licensed Tax Preparer, and holds an MBA degree. Most of our staff has college degrees, and the bookkeeping team well vetted. Please visit the "About Us" page for more info.

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